Hung Asian Man Massages Tattooed Girl And Rips Fishnets Open

Angel flew in from California for a modeling shoot. After her shoot for the clothing company, she visited me for a sensual massage. She also has a thing for fishnets and her fetish for them so I massaged her with them on.

It was when I introduced her to my large ‘mantacle’ ???? that she knew her fishnets will have to ripped open tonight to allow for its entrance. I knew she was in for a surprise when I asked her if she’d ever had a large dick to which her reply was a shy, “No…”

About the video:

Hung Asian man, Jax Solomon, sits down with beautiful, black-haired, tattooed, white girl, Angel, wearing fishnets and talks about her desires, fetishes, sexuality, likes, dislikes, wants and turn-ons. He offers Angel a tantric massage and she gets turned on very quickly. Aching with desire, she insisted Jax rip open her fishnets so he can access her dripping wet pussy. She holds her panties to the side so Jax and insert his large cock inside her. Feeling her pussy stretched as he enters, she feels completely filled and submits to the pleasant sensations of a big cock inside her. This video captures every angle and every moan from the orgasmic scene. Watch as Angel climaxes while stuffed by Jax and in turn, Jax shoots a load all over her.