Sexy Volleyball Player Massaged By Asian Coach With Big Dick

I helped my friend coach his college volleyball team this weekend and I told their best athlete about how well she’d play if she got a sports massage which I happen to know how to give.

She came home with me to get her massage. Some of her uniform started sliding off as I needed to oil up certain places in her body. This was teetering on crossing boundaries so I made sure she wore an eyecover so she doesn’t see me filming her.

She went along with every bit as a good athlete listens to her coach. In fact, she enjoyed it so much, I started noticing her body’s reactions.

I know too well from experience what a turned on girl looks like. So I went just a little beyond what a coach is supposed to do so long as she promises what we do no one in school can know… and she may have gotten the surprise of her lifetime while blindfolded.